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"Taking care of you is our mission."

Amalfi Coast Rental staff members were born in this magical location and continue to live here between Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. They were brought up with the sweet smell of the lemon orchards, the fragrance of wild myrtle and they first learned to swim in the translucent waters of this ocean. They have been working in the Tecnocasa Primula Real Estate Agency since the year 1996 . The office is located in the centre of Amalfi, in one of the main square of the town, by the water Promenade in Piazza Municipio 25, strategically located, easy to be reached for any needs guests might have during their stay. Its staff has plenty of knowledge and experience to offer to their international clientele.

They speak English , Italian , and some of them German and French as well, and being locals, can offer the very best advice or suggestions. For example; directions on how to get to anywhere in the region, how to organize excursions, boat trips, museum visits, the best beaches, restaurants, bars and anything else you may require. Most notably, you will be assisted during check in and check out, so there are no problems with collecting keys, calling on non-English speaking owners or finding impossible vacation home addresses. Amalfi is the centre of the Amalfi Coast and where our agency is located. All of our staff really know their holiday properties like the back of their hand. We have chosen homes just like our own so you may experience exactly what it’s like to live here and feel part of an extended family.

Each one of us makes sure that the homes are warm and inviting and satisfy all your requirements. During your stay, we hope our assistance is welcomed. Our office, in the heart of Amalfi, is always happy to receive you and suggest useful information that may help you make your holiday stay most memorable. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or suggestions on what to book.

To speak to us in person you can contact us on +39 089 873 344, or by fax on +39 089 873 369. If you would like to visit websites owned by our company you can click on:

www.tecnocasa.com (for real estates for sale)
www.positanovillas.it (our sister web site)

We hope to make your holiday unforgettable and we are certain that you will experience an unforgettable holiday along our Coast from the crystal clear beaches, the intoxicating smells of our lemon orchards and the various colors of bougainvillea interwoven with the green of our mountains. All these locations, full of charm and mystery, Amalfi Coast Rental will offer you, plus a series of varied choices and opportunities as to how to best spend your holiday time.

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